About us

RUNY fruitfully works on the promotion of democratic values and development of a civil society

About us

Regional Union of Youth (RUNY) was founded in 2003 on the initiative of young activists and since then has been fruitfully working for more than 18 years on the promotion of democratic values and civil society development.

Over the years RUNY has evolved to the real center for people with active social, economic and political position, providing them with comprehensive support in the implementation of their ideas and initiatives, coordinating and directing their energy at building of a free democratic Ukraine.

Today organization operates nationwide in Ukraine and in countries of Eastern Partnership and European Union, where we cooperate with leading local civil society organizations.

Our mission is advancement and promotion of European cultural, legal, social and economic processes, raising awareness of Ukrainian citizens’ about democratic values and human rights, protection of social, economic, national, cultural and other common interests of the organization’s members.


20 projects

implemented with the international support since 2012

225 events

are held within the framework of the implemented projects

3900 participants

took active part in the events

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Our strategic priorities:

✔ Promotion of democratic values ​
✔ Achieving gender equality
✔ Support of civil initiatives
✔ Protection of human rights
✔ Combating Corruption
✔ Promotion of European integration of Ukraine
✔ Democratization of higher education
✔ Combating of all types of discrimination
✔ Protection of the freedom of speech and self-expression
✔ Prevention of crisis and building of peace in Ukrainian society
✔ Citizens’ active engagement in community development and electoral participation
✔ Protection of information sovereignty of the state
✔ Integration of IDPs in hosted communities

Our vision

We see Ukraine as a strong democratic European state with a developed civil society and a transparent government, a state governed by the rule of law, where freedom and equality of citizens have real value, state free from corruption and discrimination. We see civic activists as a driving force in a process of building of a new Ukraine, a source of democratic changes and a pillar of the latest achievements.

We bring together people with an active civic position

Join our team!

Promoting democratic values and respect for human rights
Contributing to the establishment of gender equality
Working to build peace in the Ukrainian society
Supporting local initiatives and community development

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